Gigaa @Gigaa

Funny how lewd i get when i'm drunk.

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@Gigaa I haven't seen anything lewd from you yet, get drunk now

@leapfrog I am lewd in private owo and i'm very drunk.

@Gigaa unfair keeping your lewdness private!

@leapfrog Lewds are for dudes but only lewd dudes. :blobuwu:

@leapfrog How about you prove it boi.

@Gigaa I read hentai doujin at least once a day!

@Gigaa you are truly the master of lewdness, gigaa-sensei

@leapfrog I also floss twice a day. How about that.

@Gigaa I sometimes forget to floss, please forgive my for my low powerlevel

@leapfrog Disgusting you need to keep your teeth health boi. 👀

@Gigaa I know but some days can be so stressful 😩

@leapfrog Yea, i feel you :blob_pensive: keep having good hygiene and send this to 10 friends for good luck.