Looks like my social life and mastodon activity isn't so different after all.

@Gigaa Well, let's break that score by CHATTING! OwO

How are you? :3

@esheep O hai, I'm fine. Uni is wearing me down tho. What about you?

@Gigaa Uni is just starting though! I hope you'll pick up the pace quickly, and that you won't feel as worn out soon :3

I'm fine too! Just finished cooking a little while ago. Some spaghets with steamed veggies~

@esheep I probably will, just need to get more sleep and such.

Neat, that reminds me I need to make dinner.

@Gigaa Do you have something nice in the oven? OwO

@esheep Just some microwave stuffs :/

I will try to be more creative tomorrow tho!

@Gigaa Some microwave can be good too!

For instance, there's those baskets you can put in your microwave to steam your food with. It's like, a small two-stage basket: one stage for the water, one for the food.

@esheep Huh, I didn't know those excited. Where can you get those lol.

@Gigaa Usually at those stores that sell of kinds of cheap accessories OwO

I'll try to see if you can get it online~

@Gigaa If you search for "microwave steamer" you should be able to find it!

Mine looks kinda like this one. I don't think it's the exact same though.

@esheep Ohh cool, it's cheap too. I will be on the lookout for one of those tomorrow.

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