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I was thinking to myself about relocating to another federated service. I feel that this place has far too many users on at once and active and seem to do a little bit better with smaller communities. I don't mean any harm or disrepect to one another here expecially that everyone I have met on has been quite helpful around here, especially our lone admin here who I still feel had done a really good job running this place. So if I do decide to migrate, what would you recommend me?

Has this been posted yet? πŸ€”

@cedric Just got into them as well, gonna have to listen to it tomorrow. Getting late.

Got one of those weeb sodas today.

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@quad Nice nice, did you confirm if they support AAC?

@quad True true, bought mine from amazon so I have to wait a few days.

@quad That was quick, thought you would buy it online wew.
Bye bye money.

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