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me talking to my fellow nerd friends
me talking to normal humans who refuse to acknowledge the botnet and tracking crisis silently affecting us all and that every tech company big or small is getting away with it because the masses refuse to care about their personal data until it's too late and they have lost control over their own privacy and freedom online

Clone hero's new set-list is amazing, too bad I suck at all of them lul.

Is mastalab what all the cool kids are using these days?

I think my homescreen is coming along nicely.

Bought a chromebook pixel ls from ebay, now to see if it's actually a good computer or trash.

Got my HHKB, probably has the best switches I've ever used.

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I was thinking to myself about relocating to another federated service. I feel that this place has far too many users on at once and active and seem to do a little bit better with smaller communities. I don't mean any harm or disrepect to one another here expecially that everyone I have met on has been quite helpful around here, especially our lone admin here who I still feel had done a really good job running this place. So if I do decide to migrate, what would you recommend me?

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